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Q. Is there anything biblical related to the phenomena of  U.F.O.s? ~ Jim A., Tucson, AZ

A. There are over 50 Bible verses of what can be described as sightings of U.F.O.s/aliens.

Q. What is the difference between religion and spirituality? ~ David R., Orlando, FL
A. There is indeed a difference. The first difference is that religion is generally based on worshiping and relying on an external God. Spiritually is based on our own inner knowledge and sense that God/Source/Higher Power or by, whatever you choose to call it, can only be found within. God’s language is intuition. Therefore, God speaks to all of us, not just a select few.

Religion is supportive of the invader culture mindset that is practiced by 5 billion followers of various mainstream religions. It is competitive, often ‘us against them,’ with a sense of hierarchy, elitism, etc. Spirituality rejects this and speaks of 'us and them.' Religion is often about loyalty to institutions, clergy, dogma, doctrine and rules. Spirituality is about connection to Source, all others and universe in a spirit of cooperation, compassion, and living love. It celebrates our connectedness.

Q.​​​​​​​ Why does Lord precede the word God in the Old Testament?  ~ Daniel J., Lansing, MI
A. While some people use the word Lord interchangeably for God, the answer I received during meditation was ‘war.'  Jehovah of the Old Testament is actually a warlord god that came and took possession of the Jews as its chosen people around 9,000 BC. 
Q. What is meant by the phrase, 'dark night of the soul?' ~ Lynette K., Columbus, OH
A. This experience involves facing deep-seated issues well enough to let them go. It is that point in a person’s life when all forms of fear must be healed and let go. Virtually everyone experiences this at some point in their life, many on a regular basis. Even Mother Teresa was not exempt from reassessing her purpose. This happens so that we take time to stop and reevaluate the progression of soul growth in our lives.

Q. Why is it that so many people are religious, rather than spiritual?   ~ Janelle V., San Diego, CA
A. It is likely due to their fear, guilt, arrogance, and denial. It is not easy to overcome religious upbringing. In addition, there is the fact that most people want to conform in order to be accepted into the fold. Humanity was advised by Madame Blavatsky (1850s) and Mary Baker Eddy (1866) of the importance of living with a viable spiritual practice that was not religious in nature or scope. This practice would be based on the uniqueness of self, which is due to infinity. Spirituality is the life of this uniqueness. 

Q. Why is God sometimes referred to as a 'jealous' god?​ ~ William H., Naples, FL

A. Only the false God, Jehovah, of the Old Testament, would be capable of jealousy and we as humans adopted the trait, making it a negative human emotion. God as God, only feels love and acceptance toward that which it has created.​

Q. Is there such a thing as Hell?   ~ Jason M., Syracuse, NY
A. A loving creator/being would be incapable of creating the notion of Hell. It’s only a divided mind that conceives of places of eternal damnation. The teaching of hell is a form of socialized coercion designed to keep followers steeped in fear and stuck within the traditional teaching of their respective religion. Negativity is not a natural or an eternal state of existence. 

Q. Why is the subject of U.F.O.s often hidden or secretive?  ~ Diane K., Taos, NM
A. Although some people do not believe in U.F.O.s, some don’t want to know if they are real, because almost all information about them is negative. Most people would be amazed to discover that U.F.O.s are involved in bringing the soul here and in how it returns home.  

Q. What is the soul’s purpose for incarnating into the body that houses it?  ~ Thomas K., Memphis, TN
A. This is how the universe becomes conscious of itself and how the soul expands its awareness through experience. In addition, there are lessons the soul came to learn and past life karma to balance. It’s all about soul growth. 

​Q. Heaven and hell are necessary, as where else could the dead go? ​ ~ Anne McD., Austin, TX
A. Whatever is unresolved must be healed. A person cannot move on to higher levels of consciousness until we have resolved all issues that hold us back. Death is the disparity between the ego that dies the body and the self that ascends the body. 

Q. Why are we told that someone creates their own disease, drama, and/or death?  ~ Jeremy C., Burbank, CA

A. It is largely a result of fear and arrogance, along with a misguided understanding of how energy works as the positive and the negative. Most do not believe that they can create a positive reality for themselves simply by what they choose to think and feel.  Also, some want, consciously or unconsciously, to draw attention to themselves, even if it is through negativity. 

Q. What will happen to our faith when we discover the Bible is not the word of God and that Christianity and other religions are nothing more than ideology? ~ Shona R., Topeka, KS​
A. Hopefully, it will fade away as humanity finds their God within through meditation and personal growth. How much better would it be to live in peace, harmony, and love in a spirit of cooperation?