June 14, 2018  Why Does the Idea of God Exist?   
There is much misunderstand of the concept of Godin any language. Over 5 billion people worship their version(s) of God. (In Hinduism alone 10,000 gods are prayed to daily.) Some gods are benevolent (kind) and some are malevolent (hostile.) People do not distinguish between the idea of God, what the universe is, what self-conscious awareness is or the aspects of the universe that creates.

The idea of God works in three ways.  God is what precedes the universe. God is what manifested the universe as its own Ideal. Infinity is the ‘I am’-ness of God.

God exists as an idea to unify its diversification. There is the oneness of God existing as an infinitude. Infinity means variable and variety of that which remains constant. God is a constancy that never changes. Within a medium that is infinite, which is the universe, there is only the ‘I am’-ness of God existing as every life form, from the smallest to the greatest. This can be thought of on this planet as the I am-ness of God as every species, including our own.The fact that life exists as it does is proof of the existence of God and God is all that is.

God is an all-encompassing state that is uniform and constant that never changes. God is also a state of self-awareness. God is also an infinite state that we observe as the universe.

Existence is: God's Will to be and know extends and expands by inversely reversing into a focus becoming conscious of that that gave rise to it and is then shared with all else. This is what is actually taking place as existence.

Therefore, there is God, there is infinity, there is self-conscious awareness and there is contribution.

Humans have added their own projection to the idea of God. They have used it to go to war! They have used it to establish class distinction. They have used it for greed. They have used it for establishing conflict and competition. They have used it as fear, guilt, arrogance and denial.God is seemingly absent, but that is only due to our ignorance of what God is and where God is?  

There is a piece of God centered within the heart that waits for each person to bring it to life as the Immaculate Conception. This will be experienced as a personal Big Bang! It is not a theory.  It is what happens when God is brought to life as one's life humanly. We are the humanness of God and as long as we deny this, God as God does not exist, so the self-serving have their way.

Meditation is how one brings to life God as one's life. It is by doing the work on ourselves through the tool of meditation that ends the death experience. Kindness is how God is shared with all else. The culmination of this kind of service is ascension; it involves the body that either dies or ascends into the next level of being and knowing. God Is I Am All That Is in service to the one infinite Creator. Every life form composing the universe is created by a Creator as an aspect of God.

​​6-12-2018  Death is Fear 
It is the Ego Existing as its own False God. This is the greatest conflict that exists. It involves God and the ego. God is that which is real and that truly exists. Our ego has replaced God and when unresolved, takes the body to the grave. Death of the body requires the reincarnation of the soul, which is completely denied by science and the five senses.

God as an idea informs us that existence is contingent upon the realness and ongoing-ness of God as a state of being. When God is known as the fundamental nature of the self, the body will ascend because God never ceases to exist.

The ego is convinced otherwise. It lives as if it alone is the only thing that is real and true. It sees all the contrived fictions composing its experiences as positive or negative, but most are arbitrary.

The universe is God's idea of itself existing as an ideal that is infinity expressed. It is a state where self-awareness is possible. Infinity is the inverse reversal of God's all encompassing-ness, which is where we find ourselves as the ego.

If we do not identify ourselves as one with God, the body will die. The body ascends when God is brought to life consciously through intention according to meditation. Death is ended by the practice of doing personal work that heals fear into love, which is God existing as the physical expression of thebody.

Ascension is and means to rise above, to take with and to integrate into. Death and ascension involves the body, which is the image and likeness of God through what created us and brought us to life 75,000 years ago.

Humanly there is only God and the ego within a medium that is infinite. This can be thought of as: God is, I am, all that is. The one detail missing from this is service polarity, which involves both positive and negative intention. Service polarization is what evolves consciousness. There are those who serve themselves negatively. There are those who serve others as the positive. Most refuse to polarize their path into purpose.

Death is denial of God for the ego's fear and arrogance! Death is dying energy that is afraid to heal.

The seeming absence of God is due to our unwillingness to be the image and likeness of God.. We are the humanness of God. God is us as both male and female.

Creation can be thought of as space/time time/space, positive/negative, negative/positive, masculine/feminine, feminine/masculine, and light/love, love/light. These compose the first four densities of the universe.

5-29-2108  The Truth About the “One True God” that Billions Worship
What if religions worldwide have duped the faithful? The reason is, people of faith do not question and seek to know what kind of gods are actually worshiped. There is an ongoing debate about God, but few actually strive to know what or where God/supreme being is.

Hinduism worships a triune form of deity: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Shiva is a destroyer god worshiped by five hundred million people. Christianity worships the Lord God Jehovah. This god is actually a warlord god that conquers, enslaves and destroys. Over two billion people worship this god of genocide. Those who practice the Muslim faith worship Allah, who is also a warrior god. There are 1.6 billion people worship who this god of war. The original name of this negative Entity is YHWH of Judaism, of which there are approximately twenty million adherents.

A distinction must be made between a God that created and brought us to life and that which brought to this planet, war, greed and class distinction. They are entities that war against our Creator and is a hostile conqueror that goes by four names but remains one Entity. The names are Jehovah/Shiva/Allah/YHWH of four major religions. Therefore, there are approximately 5 billion people who worship this warring god who claims to be, “The one true God.”Humanity has been duped! Religions exists to teach false doctrine about God and who created us.

Research will reveal that Jehovah/Shiva/Allah/YHWH conquers, enslaves and destroys all populations that are created and brought to life throughout the history of humanity. YHWH is the original name of this warring Entity. It is the false god of the Jews who failed to realize that being chosen by converting them into a warring group of people. Once YHWH was officially the god of the Jews they systematically annihilated entire cultures. This is the legacy of YHWH and the Jews according to the Old Testament.

Most people of faith do not realize that this warring false god is coming back to finish what it began as ‘chosen-ness.’ According to the Seth Material: “Retention of the Star of David and recreation of the State of Israel necessitates the return of Jehovah/Shiva/Allah/YHWH for His people, which includes practicing Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Jew. 

According to both Ramtha and Seth material, there is a battle coming between Jehovah and Id, that which brought us to life. This battle will last for seven days, not seven years, as taught by Christianity. Those who choose fear during this battle will be taken by Jehovah. Those who choose love will remain to continue human evolution until it collectively ascends. It is likely this will happen within the next ten years! 

May 18, 2018  The Dynamics of Fear   
Where does fear come from? How did fear come into existence? Does fear exist? What heals fear into nonexistence?

Fear is the result of infinity coming into existence through God's willingness to experience diversity as its universal nature. Infinity means variable and variety of that which remains constant. God is Constancy. Infinity is the inverse reversal of God's all-encompassing nature; it is uniform and never changes and surrounds the universe.

Fear came into existence with the individualization of God into a myriad of differing states existing as something specific and unique. Humanness is but one aspect of this. Fear is antithetical to our being. Fear is why everything experiences death. It is also negative dynamic of energy.

Fear exists as individuality according to the ego, which is antithetical to God. It acts as a type of false god. Fear is the inverse reversal of love, just as darkness is the inverse reversal of light. Inverse reversal establishes binary vibrancy as the entire creation. It acts and works like breathing; it is extension and expansion. God's will to be and know extends and expands by inversely reversing into a focus that becomes conscious of it. This gives rise to it and contributes to all else.

Fear is healed into nonexistence by letting go of the ego as a false god that is predominant. What replaces the ego as fear, is love as the Self. Unmitigated fear culminates in the death experience. Actualized love ascends the body. Death or ascension only involves the body. It either dies or evolves into the next level of existence.

Ending death requires doing personal work. Ascending the body requires meditation to accomplish. Before ascension is made possible one has to polarize into a positive path of service that is egoless.

May 08, 2018  Being Human is Not as Easy as You Think
The assumption people make is that they are human beings just by being alive, but this is not the case with almost everyone living today. Death is not natural to the body. It requires living according to a contrived fiction which is, death is the 'natural' outcome of being born. Our failure to live and thrive is due to our not consciously taking into consideration what makes us human beings.

Humanness is created and brought to life. Evolution is the ideology that we came into existence all by ourselves, but that is impossible. Something from nothing is the argument science uses to deny the existence of God and the forces that create and bring to life various species, ten million exist here on earth.

To exist as a human being requires a working knowledge of the mind, body, spirit and soul. The mind is God that when fully conscious, gives the person the ability to manifest instantly through applying God's will. The body is the love of the Divine that created us, coupled with fear. The spirit is the light of that which brought us to life, coupled with darkness. The soul is specific to the universe. It is also that which is self-conscious.

The mind feels. The body senses. The spirit thinks and the soul envisions. This is all that they do. One's entire sense of being and reality comes down to what is felt, sensed, thought and envisioned as his or her life. To move beyond contrived fictions requires meditation and personal work to accomplish. Meditation ascends the body. Personal work ends the death experience. Death or ascension only involves the body.Being human requires living consciously as God, love, light and universe as a state of being.   

Apr. 26, 2018  The Extinction of Humanity
The extinction of nearly all of the humanoid population inhabiting the planet occurs roughly every 75,000 years. We are now nearing the end of the third and last 25,000-year cycle on our third density planet. Those who become extinct will do so in one of three ways.

--There are those who will repeat third density on another planet. They are likely to do so when the AIDS virus mutates into an airborne virus taking the lives of over 2 billion people.

--There are those who will be taken by Jehovah (not the supreme being often referred to as Yahweh) through fear during the battle of light between that false god and Id, that which breathes life into what is created. Jehovah actually has four names. They are Shiva of Hinduism, Jehovah of Christianity, Allah of Islam, and YHWH (not the same as Yahweh) of Judaism. 4.5 billion people worship this destroyer, warlord, warrior god under the premise that this conqueror is ‘the one true God.’ The actual process is conquering, enslaving and destroying the faithful. Seth states: “Retention of the Star of David and recreation of the state of Israel necessitates the return of Jehovah for his people,” which are those practicing the religions that worship it.

--There are those souls who will go home. This last group facing extinction are those whose soul will return to where they came from. Consider if you will, that every soul gets here by a U.F.O. and returns by the same form of travel. In order to do so every soul will need to know which U.F.O. brought it to this planet. There will come a time when the sky is blanketed by billions of U.F.O.s. They come to take home those souls not repeating third density that is our current way of life and are not taken by Jehovah.

Those remaining will be less than 20,000,000 people. They will be the ones who begin the process of collective ascension. Only those who are truly service minded will do so. What is required is polarizing positive energy into a path of truly serving others. Those who are negatively polarized are removed to that aspect of the universe that corresponds to their negativity. Only positive and negative service polarity evolves our species into greater levels of self-expression. As it stands now, there may be less than 1,000,000 that are harvestable positively. The hope is that this number will increase to at least 20,000,000 by the end of life as we know it; this could conceivably be in 10 years or less. Do you wish to be part of it?

Apr. 11, 2018  Death Explained   
Spirit is the life that is in everything and holds the same qualities as the Source that created it. This is also true of the creation we call ‘human.’ Everything composing the universe is created and brought to life. There are literally trillions of Sources that create ideals that are self-sustaining, like the sun, earth, moon and galaxies. All it takes is the awareness of how to do so. It requires a working knowledge of the will of God, love and light and universal conscious awareness.

Death is simply lacking this intelligence through fear, guilt, arrogance, and denial. It involves the body, which is an embodied spirituality of love and light coupled with fear and darkness that allows infinity to exist as something unique and self-aware. Ascension also involves the body and means to rise above, to take with and to integrate into.

Ending the death experience requires doing personal work daily. Ascending the body requires the daily practice of meditation. Before ascension can take place, one must serve others humbly and transparently. Death is the disparity between the ego and its false sense of self and what is real and true. Humanness is God and infinity existing as a biological ideal that is the unification of mind, body, spirit and soul as they pertain to and involve God, universe, love and light.

April 1, 2018   The Nature of Being Human   
Although science tells us that according to evidence, our evolution began about four million years ago, what science fails to understand is that the universe and everything composing it is a created state that is brought to life. This is accomplished through will, love, light and consciousness. Our type of existence was created and brought to life 75,000 years ago by Yahweh and Id. Yahweh created us and Id brought us to life.

The importance of this is the nature of being human is composed of the same qualities as Yahweh and Id. Our earthly parents differ from them by giving us our issues and talents to resolve and develop. We embody as love and light that which created us and brought us to life through imparting their basic natures to us.

Living humanly requires discipline and intention to do so effectively. Issues have to be healed. Talents have to be developed. Love has to be owned. Light has to be revealed. The will of God has to be applied. One has to become fully conscious. Existing humanly requires meditation and personal work to do so effectively. Coupled with this is polarizing into path as purpose of serving others.

When humanness is truly lived, the culmination of the process is ascension of the body into the next level of service. Few have accomplished this in 75,000 years of evolution. Death and ascension only involves the body. The inner path is figuring out how to do this. The outer path is teaching others how to do it. 

March 26, 2018  Opening to the Realness of God
The term ‘God’ is meant to be a unifying concept. Quite the opposite is true when the idea of God is used to go to war and commit acts of violence. Historically, religions have taught the faithful that God is a destroyer, a warrior, a Lord, and ‘the one true God.’ It is taught that there are only 108 names for God, but that is not true; there are an infinite number of names for God.

Billions believe that God exists as an external entity watching our every move. Energy exists as the three states of positive, negative and neutral. Within the universe, consciousness develops according to how energy exists. Therefore, what we have populating the universe are Sources that are positive, negative, or neutral. Positive sources create life forms like us. Negative sources do not create; they conquer, enslave and destroy. Neutral sources play the role of observers.

Zoroaster attained God consciousness. This was the role he came to play for humanity. Just as Buddha came to experience enlightenment and Jesus came to demonstrate miracle mindedness. Edgar Cayce was universally consciously aware. There are an infinite number of levels of consciousness to be and know. God is a state of being. Opening to this realness requires meditating and doing personal work.

God as God exists as a state of rest centered within the heart. The true Immaculate Conception is bringing God to life as one's life. This is one's conversion experience. It can be thought of as from human being into a God Being. Accomplishing this gives the person doing so, the power to manifest instantly with a conscious mind and the abilities to heal, teach and ascend. Death or ascension only involves the body. Our entire point of existence is opening to the realness of God as a state of being human.

March 18, 2018  The Time is Now for a New Understanding   
Life is a journey of Self-discovery. It is also challenging. It provides for insight and the healing of suffering. Life is an experience that can either be loved or feared. Self-mastery is also a possibility that requires work to accomplish.

There are two dynamics at work humanly. One is our ability to feel. The other is our ability to think. They both involve positive and negative energy. As consciousness, energy works at becoming more conscious moment by moment. The importance of this is that ideas only last for as long as they are needed. This is true of emotions as well. Everything changes in order to move forward.

The drawback with any idea is it becomes outdated by the next moment. Any idea written becomes outdated by the length of time pen is put to paper. This is true of every idea in print especially when it comes to religious doctrine. Every Holy Work of the major religions are ideas that are stagnant and now exist as false doctrine. This includes the Rig-Veda, Bible, Koran, Torah, and Sutras.

Emotions and thoughts are aspects of love/fear and light/darkness. They exist as they do because of God and universe. Change only involves God's evolving back into itself through experience. This can be thought of as raising one's vibratory level into what is real and true eternally, which are love and light.

Earth is evolving from third density negative into fourth density positive. People have to humanly be the energetic base of what this planet is giving birth to if they hope to continue the evolution of our species. Those who do not are going to eventually become extinct. There are four types of continuation. Repeating third density on another planet. Being taken by Jehovah/Shiva/Allah/YHWH through fear in the end times. The soul going home by the U.F.O. that brought it to this planet. Those that are harvested in the positive will remain until humanity collectively ascends at the end of fourth density.

October 22, 2017  Our Embodied Spirituality

Life is an adventure of consciousness involving both the body and spirit. Spirituality is a unique practice as a way of life shared with all else. The body is the physical practicality that the spirit brings to life. These exist as a binary vibrancy between what is inherent within what is apparent. This can be thought of as inner path and outer purpose. They determine one's entire sense of being human.

Doing personal work involves the body and how one feels about that physically. Spirituality is defined by one's thought process. The spirit brings to life not only the body, but what is felt and thought. These determine a person's experience as positive and negative energy. Everyone has the responsibility of polarizing their way of life into serving self as ego or others as the Christ.

Embodied spirituality is being love and knowing light as body and spirit that is shared with others and the environment. The importance of this is contribution is all that matters. What is shared is what is felt and thought as pain, fear, anger, and hatred, or joy, love, patience, and harmony. These are how we conduct our affairs daily. Experiences determine where one is at humanly. The beauty of life is anything negative can be changed into something positive. All it takes is the willingness to do so. One technique is process resolution of emotional causation. This is identifying the cause of why something is felt negatively. It is a moment by moment process.

The three great hindrances to life lived humanly are addiction, dysfunction, and distraction. Thy can involve anything from food, alcohol, drugs, material things, people and even power. Experiences that cause wounds are often not healed, but are buried, denied, and ignored. Personal work is one's willingness to address what is going on emotionally and intellectually as one's life.

What we are being determines what one's spirituality is.

September 06, 2017  How the Dynamics of Fear vs. Love Work Humanly   
Energy is composed of love as the positive, fear as the negative and spirit as the neutral. This is the energetic base of infinity involving the first three densities of the universe. There are four others besides them as the universe. After fourth density, they are non-physical.

Fear is the direct result of infinity. Love is the extension of God. Both work in tandem. Fear is to individuality, what love is to God as connection through the heart. Humanly we call fear ‘ego.’ Love is not given a name as an identity even though the body is love identified as an ideal according to what created it. Spirituality is the life of an organism like ours. There is the personality of both fear and love brought to life by the spirit that makes who we are as them our spirituality. 

Fear is the continual sense of threat to one's life as a body. When death is involved one will have a phobia about what was the cause of one's death according to an agenct, like fire, water, aspects of nature or the hand of another. People are terrified of externals because they think that death will happen again in the same way. Fear as an act of selfishness produces one's sense of guilt with every negative emotion, thought or action. This causes the staining of the soul requiring forgiveness or experience to heal. Fear is ignorance and arrogance leading to judgment and persecution according to law. Fear is destructive by nature.

Love is the continual feeling of euphoria as and within one's body. Euphoria is also called ambrosia, which is believe to be the nectar of the gods. Love ascends the body after service is shared as one's path as purpose. Love understands and accepts all else as it is. There is kindness, compassion and playfulness through love. It is what heals all forms of negativity. Love is creative by nature. Every life form is a direct result of love as the applied according to willed intention. Love is the will of God. Love when lived, ascends the body into a greater level of existence and service. Love is the connected integration that is infinite.

August 16, 2017  Is Your Spirituality Up to Date?
Spirituality is a moment to moment experience in being and knowing. Each moment is outdated by the next moment. What keeps us from experiencing ‘being in the moment’ is how we feel about ourselves. The commonality is allowing negative energy to infect the experience and is felt as pain, fear, anger or guilt. The importance of this is that experience acts as a catalyst for us to grow beyond it. Retention of negativity acts as a plateau that maintains our life as it is and keeps us stuck, unable to move forward until it is healed.

This can be thought of as karma. The question is, “How does anyone know what they have done to themselves through others?” The only way is by experiencing the same application, usually through another lifetime. Forgiveness heals negative karma that is felt and lived as guilt. Guilt is what is felt when negativity is applied to something or someone else.

Spirituality in life is experienced in both our masculine and feminine traits. Our spirituality is defined by thought through language that exists inwardly in three ways -as intuition, psychic abilities and channeling. Intuition is the voice of God. Psychic abilities pertain to this planet. Channeling involves communication from the universe.

Language, both written and spoken, is particular to the person who is speaking or writing. This makes it bound by time and space and one's egocentricity. It also confines it to the time and place it is stated or written. Everything written and spoken is outdated spiritually by the time in which it is written or remembered.

 July 22, 2017   The Grounding of Energy

Humanly, there are several factors that give us our entire sense of being. As humans we feel, sense, think and envision according to the mind, body, spirit and soul. Energy is but one aspect of existence. It allows for ideas to exist as an ideal that evolves into other states of being.

There are two dynamics at work, constancy and change. God is the constancy. Ideas existing as ideals change or evolve. Humanly we are grounding ourselves to our ideal according to our ideas of it. Humans tend to believe all kinds of ideas that make no sense at all, yet most hold on to them to the death. We often resist new ideas; however, every new idea gives rise to more evolved ideas infinitely.

Infinity means non-repetition, even with ideas. When misguidance is at work as false doctrine, energy becomes what can be referred to as disease or discomfort.

Energy has three components to it, the positive, the negative, and the neutral. God is the positive. Individuality is negativity and the spirit is neutral in that it brings to life both positive and negative ideas. That is the role the spirit plays with all that is.

The soul differs from this as consciousness. It uses experience to decide which asects of energy to polarize into a way of life. God and universe support us in our decision. 

​July 16, 2017  Our Evolving Consciousness   
It is the only aspect of existence that evolves and expands. The physical in and of itself does not exist. One way of understanding creation is existence begins with God. God manifested Itself into the universe using the technique of inverse reversal that established what is infinite. God's infinitude becomes self-consciousness, which is where we find ourselves now.

God as God is a uniform Constancy that never changes. Infinity does exactly the opposite of that as perpetual change. Certainty is the Constancy of change, but of what can one be certain? Change as evolution can be thought of as God's gradual returning to Itself through experiences according to expression. Every aspect of the universe is doing this.

Change can be thought of as growth through birth or the planting of a seed. It is the potential within that determines what something grows or evolves into according to the species. The technique is birth, growth, demise or decay, death and then reincarnation, which is the returning of a life form into self-expression.

Infinity can be thought of as endless possibilities. Basically it is differentiation, or variable and variety. Awareness is the ability to be and know through depth of being and scope of knowing as the self. Ultimately being-ness is God and knowing-ness is the universe as mind and soul. With body and spirit it is love and light. Mind is the Will of God, and soul is consciousness that is universally aware.

Self-awareness is the ability to move one's consciousness from one state of being into another. When done effectively, the states entered into are God and universe.

​July 09, 2017  Life as Lived is the Art of Pondering Experiences
Life as lived is simply what we desire that is experienced and then pondered. In the Buddhist tradition, the monk works at ending desires, but that is not why we exist humanly.

Life divides in two distinct ways: Externally and internally. It is also composed of energy and consciousness. Energy has three components to it: positive, negative, and neutral, which can also be thought of as the arbitrary, which is where everyone finds themselves. Energy as the self-consciousness, polarizes into either what serves itself or serves others; there is no in between. Service polarity as selfishness or selflessness involves negative or positive energy as one's being and way of life through contribution.

The path is going within. Purpose is how what is within is shared with others. The art of this is pondering experiences to understand them and make changes accordingly, but few do this effectively. This is due to not understanding the purpose that catalysts serve in our life.

Why something takes place informs us of where we are humanly. Taking the time to think about what is actually going on and why, requires reflecting upon what gives rise to experiences as our life. At times this is not easy to do. Experiences divide between those that are positive and those that are negative. Fear is to the negative what love is to the positive, so negative experiences are fear expressed as our life, just as positive experiences are love expressed as our life. Pondering allows us to understand, accept, and forgive our life. It is a continual process of growth that never ends, for there is always something else to be and know. Freedom is the ability to let go of fear. When fear is experienced as pain or anger it is wise to ponder what gives rise to it as one's life. This will allow what is positive to replace it if enough time is given to healing the negativity as the experience. 

June 22, 2017  Love When Lived Never Dies
Choice by free will is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. This puts us in charge and we alone are responsible for our choices. This is done moment by moment on a daily basis. Identity is involved with three dynamics. They are the positive, the negative and the neutral as third density energy. Third density is biased by negative energy as the predominant. According to the Hopi Native Americans, earth is giving birth to a new version of itself as fourth density. This will exist as a positive energetic, based as loe on this planet. People will have to be love if they hope to continue on humanly. Love when lived never dies. It ascends.

This brings us to what is love lived humanly? It is the body. Planetary life is the binary vibrancy of both love and fear that combine into our humanness. This makes us who we are as flesh and bone.

Human evolution is the development of love or fear into service polarization. Love is to God, what fear is to infinity. Most of humanity never evolves beyond a place or point of arbitrariness. Lacking service polarity, one never evolves beyond individuality at odds with all else. This becomes the path or process of birth, crucifixion, death and reincarnation, which is the goal to evolve beyond. Few achieve this.

Ascension means to rise above, to take with and integrate into. What one rises above is the idea of opposites in conflict. What one takes with is the body. What one integrates into is the the larger community of the universe. This is only possible after serving others as love is done. Love when lived as the body never dies or ceases to exist. It ascends into the universe as the eternal.

June 04, 2017  The Importance of Love and Light
Love is the ability to understand., while light is an element of wisdom. They are the roles love and light play in our daily existence. These protocols determine how energy is lived and shared personally, relationally, and socially. They are the arts of service polarization, that are the only aspects of creation that evolve beyond third density into fourth density.

The lack of love makes it is impossible for us to understand anything. Lacking light, it is impossible to garner wisdom through experience Time defines the duration of an idea existing as an ideal. Space is the placement of where something exists. Earth is our current placement. Our time is the duration upon which we exist.

The importance of love and light for us is that we understand what is real and true well enough to apply them wisely, so that we can share it with others. What it comes down to is understanding that our acceptance of everything as it is regardless of how it appears is the wisest, most loving thing that we can do.

It is fear that causes us to criticize, condemn, judge and persecute that which we fear. Darkness seeks to eliminate light through denial, guilt, arrogance and violence.

Each moment we must choose to either love or fear something or someone. When love and light are internalized, one's life will be positive. When fear and darkness are internalized, one's life will be negative and lived as sickness, disease and death.

Love and light give us the ability to understand the wisdom of experience made possible through fear and darkness, which individualizes love and light into identity that is personal.

May 28, 2017   The Nature of Consciousness
The universe can be thought of in the context of consciousness that each of us identifies with humanly. Infinity is diversified representation. This is amply displayed here on earth by the ten million plus species, all vying for life.

There is always something new to experience and embrace. This is according to reality, truth and change. The alternate to this is addiction, which is continuous repetition through abuse stemming from the sense of lack, need, want and woundedness. Consciousness is the awareness of something according to either positive or negative energy that we choose to humanize. This is the human nature of consciousness.

Consciousness intends to find out about itself through involvement with experience. It has been doing so since the universe began. The universe can be thought of as one vast state of consciousness infinitely aware of itself. There is self-awareness, as well as the ability to move awareness from one state into any other that exists at will.. It requires focused intention to accomplish. This can be thought of as entering a room filled with specific ideas to experience. How long one spends time in the room is determined by how effective one is in evolving beyond the dynamics of the room. For some it can take lifetimes to accomplish.

Reality defined by truth is a moment by moment process. Consciousness has the tendency to attach itself to one ideal ignoring all else. This can be thought of as fixation. Consciousness is always evolving moment by moment into new levels of being and knowing what is real and true as the Self.

 May 21,2017   The Planetary State of Earth as Fourth Density

Unbeknownst to humanity is how a planet evolves over time through space. Understanding this requires knowledge of the universe. It is composed of densities and octaves within each density. There are seven densities each having eight octaves. Currently we are at the end of third density and about to begin fourth density.

Fourth density can be thought of as the exact opposite of third density energetically. Third density emphasizes individuality as electronic energy. Fourth density emphasizes connected integration as positronic energy. The primary difference between these two densities is what is active and what is latent, or in a state of rest. With third density the negative aspect of energy is active as the electron, so that the positron is latent at rest. With fourth density the energy is reversed and the electron becomes latent at rest, whereas the positive aspect will be active.

What this means is as the planet gives birth to fourth density, negativity as individuality will no longer exist as it does. This can be thought of as the extinction of ‘identity as selfishness.’ It means that the whole of humanity will be the entire focus, not individuality. This can be thought of as the true Christ Consciousness, which means everyone is an aspect of it. It also means that matter as the physical will be less dense. Love and light, will be dominant, rather than fear and darkness as it is now. 

The importance of this is everyone who hopes to participate with the New Earth will have to be and know the new state the planet gives birth to. It means we will have to be the positivity of love and light as our humanness in order to be included. This is accomplished through meditation and facing personal issues with the intention of raising our consciousness with the ultlimate intent of collectively ascending. This application involves knowing the Self as Designed and serving others, in order to collectively ascend.

May 14, 2017   Creativity vs. Control
Energy is applied in two specific and distinct ways. They are creativity or control through the dynamics of love or fear. Love requires will, light and vision to create. Fear needs selfishness, agenda and ruthlessness to control.

The beauty of this is that some people seek to be creative though love. Some seek to be controlling out of fear. Most never get to the truly creative or controlling level of self-expression. Most stick to an externalized environment for their entire sense of being according to family, friends, peers and work their place.

The universe can be thought of as will, love, light, and consciousness coupled with absence, fear, darkness, and unconsciousness. Obviously with both God and universe there is a lot more going on than just these states of being.

God's will to be and know extends and expands by inversely reversing into a focus on becoming conscious of that which gives rise to it and is then shared with all else. This is what every aspect does that exists at the level of self-awareness.

We as humans have the opportunity to polarize either creativity or control as one's path as purpose. The importance of this is that service polarity is all that evolves humanly. How it is accomplished is through meditation, personal work, contribution with the goal of evolving beyond the human condition. 

May 07, 2017  Selfishness vs. Selflessness
These traits are aspects of energy personified. They are called the paths of service polarization involving negative and positive energy and are made possible by the energetic base of third density.

We are all quite aware of what selfishness is and have experienced it at multiple levels. Selfishness is the art of taking a stance against all else. It is self as ego vs. God, life, others, and universe. It is one's sense of identity from a place/state of exclusion, negation and aversion to what is real and true. Selfless concern for others (altruism) is the exact opposite of selfishness. It is the art of working with God, life, others and the universe in a loving and wholesome manner that is contribution. It is knowing the self from the places of inclusion, affirmation and involvement with what exists eternally.

Selfishness is ruthless and vicious; whereas, altruism is loving and kind. Both exist side by side as love/fear and light/darkness. They are either power though/over others or what empowers people through the right use of will.

The truth is that it is only what is service polarized that evolves into the next level of service, which is the kind of contribution made to all else. Externalization is taking possession of people, places, and things. The alternative is being in possession of the power of God that allows for manifesting, healing and teaching. One must choose which to personify. Some are drawn to war, greed, and class distinction. Others to love, forgiveness and doing unto others. Most simply go about their business ignoring the bigger picture entirely.

Individuality possesses both selfish and altruistic tendencies. Both require discipline and development to accomplish. One is based upon fear, the other love.

 April 30, 2017  Spiritual Accompaniment
Have you noticed that there are all kinds of things people use to identify with their sense of spirituality? Among them are photos, paintings, images, banners, wall hangings, stones, crystals, incense, and clothing.

Jesus taught, “Take no heed for what you eat, drink, or wear,” but humanly we tend to ignore that advice. This is because we do not understand what spirituality is and how it works. Some people even go so far as to take on a 'spiritual' name, which is curious in that the identity of the spirit is what it brings to life. Spirit is an animating force. It is like air, so naming it is odd, given the identity of spirit is the body.

There is confusion involving matter and spirit. People deny one in sake of the other. When examining the nature of the Self and its four components of mind, body, spirit and soul, we ignore everything except the body. This is the art of denial. In addition, there is fear, guilt and arrogance thrown into the mix.

This means that people are identifying with Sources that are not their own. What accompanies one's life is then usually something external. This converts what is spiritual into a form of projected objectification that misses the point of what it is to be and know what is real and true humanly. This is the ultimate in self-denial. The existence of what is real and true is inherent, not something apparent.

The mind creates the body. The spirit brings it to life. The soul becomes conscious of itself through the mind/body ideal. Realizing our full potential requires meditation and doing personal work to heal issues. Next is the desire and ability to serve others. This is a life long process. It is eternal in depth of being and scope of knowing.

April 23, 2017​  Has Our Humanness Been Hijacked?
What exactly is humanness? Our ideal can be thought of as God manifested consciousness. What factors are involved? They are mind, body, spirit and soul as they involve God, Yahweh, Id and the universe.

There is another aspect involved and that is Jehovah. This entity is written about in four different religions, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Christianity refers to it as the Lord-god Jehovah, which claims to be the “one true God,” but only God as God is the one true God. Hinduism calls Jehovah Shiva or Siva. Islam refers to Jehovah as Allah, who is considered a warrior god. In Judaism, Jehovah is titled by the letters YHWH.

There are two names for YHWH. They are Jehovah and Yahweh. Yahweh is the name of our creator. Jehovah is the name of  ‘that which wars against.’ It is also what conquers, enslaves and destroys. Jehovah is currently worshiped by five billion people.

Jehovah did not create us or bring us to life. What Jehovah did was persuade the Jews to accept him as the one true god through false doctrine. This replaced Yahweh as our creator and God and Id as our humanness. Jehovah also genetically altered our ideal with pain, fear, anger, hatred, violence, depression and suicide. This was done by enhancing the reptilian part of our brain and is why there are two creation theories in the Bible.

In studying the Nature of the Self, it is useful to have a working knowledge about what is involved and the aspects that make us human. There is the will of God existing as the mind. There is the love of Yahweh existing as the body. There is the light of Id existing as the spirit and then there is the soul, which is individualized consciousness that incarnates into every life form existent within the universe.

Jehovah is an impostor god masquerading as God who is convincing people to worship it, but this entity is only fear, judgment, persecution, jealousy, hatred, and malice existing on a cosmic level. The main contribution Jehovah has made here is the invader culture mindset composed of hierarchy, elitism, superiority, chosen-ness and the belief in good vs. evil that exists now through science, religion, education, business, politics, law and medicine. It is our responsibility to make the needed changes for the good of humanity.

​​​April 16, 2017  The Dynamics of Energy
Many know that energy at this level of existence is composed of three elements. They are the electron, the positron and the neutron. They are the basis of third density, which is what now  exists. Humanly, we are also composed of the same elements. What does this mean?

It means that everything existent has a positive element, a negative element and a neutral element to it simultaneously. All three exist at the same time as a given state of being. The importance of this is that we are the negative as fear, which is the ego,  the positive as love is the Self. The neutral is our spirituality, which is the life of both the positive and the negative from a state/place that is neutral. Neutrality is the attitude spirit has about both love and fear, the unification of which makes our humanness what it is.

This is because existence has two aspects to it making creation what it is. They are God and infinity. God is positive as love. Infinity is negative as fear. However, there is only harmony between God and its manifestation of itself into infinity.

 Our personal evolution is determined by what we choose to polarize as our path as purpose. Some polarize negative energy, while others polarize positive energy. Most choose to remain in an arbitrary state of existence. Fear as a path controls and manipulates. Love as a path creates and manifests what is shared with all else. This is demonstrated by the difference in those who are inclined to go to war, or those who heal. These can be thought of as selfishness or selflessness. Most choose to ignore this. The irony of this is that only what is polarized as service evolves. This requires us to do embrace personal work and meditation in order to accomplish this. Knowing the Self is the opportunity to be what is real and true consciously.

April 09, 2017  What Love Actually Does
Love is as misunderstood as God. People think that they fall in and out of love, but that is never the case. Love is the second aspect of existence that is the basis for creativity and that is the essence of life itself. God’s will requires love in order to create something, but what does love actually do?

Love understands. It accepts something as it is. Never is there a time when love judges itself. It is devoid of criticism. It is the inverse reversal of fear, which is diversified individuality or what can be thought of as the infinitude of God.

Besides understanding and acceptance, love also loves what is unlovable in ourselves and others. It loves who we are humanly. Love appreciates our humanness with all of its faults and shortcomings. It is the essence of being in its truest sense. One way of discovering what love is as a state of being is meditating into fear as its deepest level. Only then is love as its opposite truly known as a personal reality.

Truly loving begins with our own life. It is then shared with others kindly and graciously as a contribution to enhance and empower people. When the ego draws attention to itself, it defeats the purpose of love. Love when lived, heals any/all afflictions and infirmities. Illness and disease let the person know that they are not loving who they are, because these are aspects of fear and denial.

Love when lived, feels connected to all else. This is connected integration. Love also applies itself to increasing its mass through others. This can be thought of as love filling the space between independent ideals, such as with two or more people.

April o2, 2017​   The Dynamics of Love and Fear
Where does fear come from? The answer pertains to creation itself. The same question can be asked about love as well. 

Creation is composed of energy that is positive, negative and neutral. Existence begins with God, which religions have erroneously depicted as something external to one’s life. Three major religions depict God as a destroyer, (war) Lord, or warrior. This gives us a clue to the reason religions exist in the first place; teaching false doctrine about God as something foreign and contrary to who and what we are humanly. 

Curiously, Christianity teaches us to both fear God and love God, but that is impossible to do humanly. One either lives according to love or dies according to fear. Almost everyone lives by both, which cancels them.

Fear came into existence with the creation of the universe. Fear is to infinity, what love is to God. What this means is, God manifested the universe into an ideal for the soul/sole purpose of experiencing diversity. This is only possible through the dynamic of fear, which is how individuality is made possible. Fear is to individuality, what love is to connected integration. Fear is to diversity, what love is to constancy that never changes. Fear is to change, what love is to uniform constancy.

Within the context of energy, when one is positive about people, places and things, they are loving. When negative they are fearful. There is no in between here. Fear feels threatened by everything and everyone. Love feels empowered by everything and everyone. Catalysts exist solely to give us the choice of what to feel and contribute in the moment as who we are as either love or fear. The evolution of the soul is how one develops into polarizing love or fear into one’s path as purpose. Few consciously choose to do this, so life is the natural progression of birth, crucifixion, death, and reincarnation.

While you will find this book full of polar opposites,  here are some of the top controversies explored within

the pages of my newest book. Remember that every book ever written is someone's perspective, this one included.

It is important to maintain an open mind as you ponder what makes sense to you.

1. What is referred to as the ‘one true God’ is not God, is not our creator and did not bring us to life.
2. The Hebrew letters, YHWH, meant as Yahweh are also used by the false god, Jehovah of the Old Testament, who is a destroyer/warlord god. They are not one and the same.
3. Over 4 1/2 billion people currently worship this destroyer/warlord god referred to as Shiva, Jehovah, Allah and YHWH, depending on the faith practiced.

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4. This false god is scheduled to return to destroy his faithful. This is the actual promise made by Jehovah to those who worshiped him.
5. The indigenous culture as Designed, did not participate in any of the seven traditions of science, religion, education, business, politics, law, and medicine as their way of life. Humanity will return to living indigenously.
6. Every species that has lived on this planet has had its own creator.
7. Souls come to this planet by a U.F.O. and will return home by the same method.
8. English was the original language spoken by all of humanity. Jehovah changed this by confounding English into all the languages now spoken. Nothing breeds war as much as not being able to communicate.
9. The Bible is not the Word of God. Language is specific to the ego of an individual as what is written and stated.
10. The Jews are not God’s chosen people. God does not play favorites.

11. Jesus was not the only son of God. We are all God’s children.
12. Jesus was not born of a virgin.
13. There is no such thing as ‘sin.' We were given ‘free will.’ Therefore, people are entitled to live however they choose; there is no reward or punishment.
14. There is no such place as ‘hell’ for ‘sinners’ to go.
15. End times - history shows that the earth cleanses itself every 25,000 years. Humanity is at the end of the third and last cycle. Humanity only has four options to choose from in the future.