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Running from karma is our unwillingness to address our issues that are acting as catalysts for our personal and social evolution.

This is what we feel as lack, need, want, pain, dysfunction, distraction, addiction, attitude, and arrogance. These are forms
of karma that are established so that we can evolve beyond them.

Personal evolution requires us taking responsibility for our life. This involves addressing what afflicts us and recognizing what gifts we possess that can be shared with others as one's path/purpose. This is process resolution of emotional causation.

Development of talents and resolving issues is what life affords us as our experiences that we express individually and relationally.

Wisdom, artistry and kindness is energy personified at it's highest human potential when shared selflessly. This book is my attempt at assisting humanity in being/knowing what is real and true
when one is willing to live life authentically.


The end of the world as we know it, refers to the coming extinction of the invader culture mindset.  

The warlord god Jehovah of the Old Testament is scheduled
to return to take/destroy his chosen people for maintaining their faith. This entity converted the image and likeness of God into a social organism that conquers, enslaves, and destroys through covenanted stipulation. In contrast Jesus taught love, kindness, forgiveness and doing unto others as to ourselves, in order  to end fear, judgment and persecution.

Humanity  is responsible for being and living its design. The last battle fought will be in the heavens between the warlord god Jehovah and Id, the bestower of man. This battle will be a conflict between love/light and fear/darkness that will last for seven days.  It will change life as we know it on this planet.

Humanity will evolve until it collectively ascends. This book explains in detail what the end times actually involve and why.

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2012   (revision coming soon)

Everything in life - each experience is an opportunity to examine where we are, what we think and how we feel in

relation to our self and another person or reference point.

It is an opportunity to share ourselves in unconditional 
love with humanity by applying these truths and sharing them in appropriate ways. In Love and Wisdom, the Art of Appropriateness, Douglas H. Melloy has given us specific essentials of the evolutionary process to ​​be pondered.

The goal is that as we read, meditate and do the work, we will
be creating and manifesting our experience and expression, so that love and wisdom will always be demonstrated.

You will find the means for accomplishing this masterfully explained in this work.

"My interest in music began with how it made me feel. Over the years I learned to play a variety of percussion instruments including congas, bongos, timbales, steel drum, ashiko drum, dumbek, jimbe and lots of hand held instruments,  such as cow bell, clave sticks, shakers, shakrees, quiro, and tambourine. To me, as for many people, music and spirituality go hand in hand as a way of life.  Music connects people to each other; it brings together elements that are usually considered divergent, like God and universe. It is living proof that Spirit is the life force of all that is.  Nothing compares to a life lived involving music and making people feel good enough to dance."  ~ Douglas H. Melloy


Life is feeling something real and thinking something true that one applies in ways that  are kind and conducive. Nothing else is needed or required humanly. All experiences are designed to move us into these aspects of God that exist.

This requires each of us accepting the responsibility to be involved in our own personal and social evolution. When life lived portrays these effortlessly, this mastery is then shared inconspicuously.

God is real when joy fills the heart and love flows from it as a shared state of being. God is true when light is structured into an ongoing-ness that never dies or ceases to exist.

Selfless sharing is the gift of God, universe and all that exists. For humanity, this is measured by kindness and living what is conducive to life on all levels of expression.

"Living a fear-based life ensures our demise. Collectively we can turn the tide."
Find the answers to these questions and more within these pages. It will also assist you in deciding who you are and where you are going on your Earthly journey.  

​~ Douglas H. Melloy


What if God is not who we were taught He was?
What if the Source that created us is not the same God that is worshiped?
What if Jehovah/Shiva/Allah is actually a warlord/destroyer God?
What if Buddha and Jesus failed in their mission?
What if the Bible is not the word of God, but a man-made document?
What if the Immaculate Conception is a lie and Jesus was an ordinary man just like you and me?
What if the truth is, there is no 'sin' or 'hell?'
What if life as we know it is going to change radically within our lifetime?
​What if U.F.O.s play a big part in life on Earth?
What if U.F.O.s return by the millions?  
What if fear is the cause of the death experience? 
​What if most of humanity faces extinction?​​  What if there are only four options available to us?

Douglas H. Melloy


Turning a Lifelong Journey into Reality

From the age of five, you could say I knew my life’s purpose. It was clear to me that life was not intended to be fear-based and that our issues needed and could be healed. So, by the age of 10,

I was on the path of resolving anger issues. It was a 36-year process in which I questioned everything about myself, the

world and the universe in general. I learned early on that we are the creators of our lives with the free will to create whatever we wish, positive or negative. A big part of the personal work I was doing was developing a meditation practice to get in touch with my soul and follow its specific guidance. This meant knowing God personally and realizing that the only place God can actually be found is by going within. Having been raised in the Christian Science faith, this was going against everything I had been taught, just as it is with all religions.
By the age of 12, I knew for sure that part of my path as
 purpose was to share what I have come to know with others to give them the opportunity to decide for themselves if they too, see any

value in this body of knowledge. Keeping an open mind to all possibilities is paramount to discerning what is true for any individual. Life is meant to be continuous change, otherwise there would be no soul growth. Every idea becomes outdated almost immediately. The most important thing is to strive for the next best version of self.

There is a saying that ‘once you know what you know, you can’t un-know it.’  The challenge now is to live as though we know it
in practical ways that we can apply to our daily life. This means incorporating the positive polarity of service to all of humanity, one person at a time. 

It is clear that humanity is running out of time to do so. 'Opening to the Realness of God' gives hands on information as to what we can do individually and collectively. The time is now for a new understanding. Will you join us?